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Audiobook Downloader Pro 1.4

Simple and straightforward tool to download free audiobooks from the Internet
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Audiobook Downloader Pro offers you nearly 6,000 free audiobooks from LibriVox and the Internet Archive for you to download in your choice of MP3 or Ogg audio file format. You can browse the entire list, search for your favorite titles, or let the program tempt you with a random choice of authors and their books.

Both the program and its interface are simple and straightforward. If you know what you want, you may search for an audiobook by using meaningful keywords, such as the title or the author name (or just a fragment of them). Alternatively, you can tell the program to retrieve the entire list of 5,860+ titles and then spend some time browsing through it. Books are downloaded on a one-by-one basis, so every time you find a title you are interested in listening to, you need to choose an output format and tell the program to download it for you. The download window in the program’s interface does not offer you any information about the downloading process itself – the scarce information provided appears on a small separate window. Audiobooks are available in two MP3 flavors – 128 and 64 kbps – and as an Ogg Vorbis set of files.

The program also allows you to navigate to the audiobook’s information page directly from its main interface, so that you can check the different output options and read something about it.

All in all, this is a simple and efficient audiobook download utility. I would not recommend it for bulk download tasks, but I believe it will make happy to many audiobook users looking for the odd title in the program’s extensive catalog.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Links to your default audio player for audibook playback
  • Integrates seamlessly with Angel's Vox audiobook player
  • Supports MP3 and Ogg audio file formats
  • Offers you nearly 6,000 free audiobooks to choose from


  • Provides very little information about the downloading process
  • Lack of support for batch download
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